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A transient Viking
25 April 2012 @ 04:26 pm
I'm doing a PhD in English at Nottingham, baby!
A transient Viking
22 January 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Mostly, it's just me link-spamming you people. Many apologies. Except not so much.


Most of you are aware of the other blag I have, which occasionally has pictures I take, as well as ramblings about Iceland, school, trips, etc. I also have a deviantArt account wherein I put most of the pictures I can't, for whatever reason, put up on the blag. Pictures from the Phallological Museum (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like) are not up there, though. I put those in my Facebook for people to, uh, experience.

Anyway, take it easy, and I hope you're all doing well.
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A transient Viking
11 January 2012 @ 04:31 am
Holy fucking balls, I just got asked to submit a CV to an Airship design company based in Manitoba. They do non-rigids, but they're not ruling out expanding to semi- and fully-rigid designs, which are exactly what Project Fylgja is.

Project Fylgja, by the way, started nearly four years ago with scribblings on a scrap paper while I was writing my Undergrad Thesis.

Four years. Holy fuck.

Also, I just wanted to let the six of you who still read this know I'm not dead. Not yet, at least.
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A transient Viking
18 November 2011 @ 02:53 am
(I am, by the way, aware of the irony entailed by titling this post the way I did and leaving it public)

I applied for another MA at U of T, as well as an MLitt at Cambridge.

This is what my brain is doing right now"

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE, YOU FOOL? YOU HAVE JUST WASTED NEARLY $200! MADNESS! SHEER FUCKING MADNESS! OH GOD YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK! WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY REJECT YOU? YOU FOOL! YOU BLOODY MAD FOOL! Also, why did you not put "Nietzschean Superman" for the 'ethnicity' section of the payment page for the Cambridge application?"

That is all.
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A transient Viking
08 August 2011 @ 02:44 am
Not much been posted here as of late, eh?


Well, I've got another blog opened up here wherein I'll be chronicling my public adventures abroad. I'll still keep this thing around for posts of the academic or private persuasion, but yeah.

Just thought you all should know.
A transient Viking
(Also, this has nothing to do with Iceland, before people freak out)

So. You people - being non-voters and people who voted Conservative - have decided that it would be a stunning idea to elect these jackasses. Jackasses who said they had the Budget handled. Jackasses who said they wanted accountability. Jackasses who said they cared about Canadians. Jackasses who lied to you all.

Now, let no-one tell you I'm not a passionate, politcally engaged man. And let no-one conivince you I'm an ideologue. I'm plenty leftist in that I've got this wacky idea that, as Canadians, we owe it to one another to watch out for each other. I've got no problem at all paying taxes for things like free healthcare, cheap tuition, solid social programs and infrastructure that's not falling apart. I think that it's the responsibilty of the Government to watch out for and care for all of it's citizens. I've also got a fairly wide streak of fiscal conservatisim in me, in that I don't believe in paying more than I should for something or not shopping around before comitting. I believe that the government should live within it's means and not spray cash around like a startled skunk spraying it's stink. I'm a fairly law-and-order type guy, too, when the laws are just and those enforcing order are noble. But like you probably figured, I'm more than willing to break systems and traditions that serve only to reinforce the superiority of a select few. I'm contradictory that way.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Let's start with what sparked my anger to a smouldering flame, shall we?

Pete Van Loan, the Leader of the House for the Tories, has decided that there's no time to debate the Throne Speech - which, if you've not read it, sucks a lot of traditional Tory cock; Business good! America good! Laws good! Questioning tradition bad! Doing things for people other than you bad! - nor to have a vote on it. Why? Because it would 'waste time.'

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the way Parliament works, the Speech from the Throne is essentially the way a Government says "This is the shit we're going with; you got a problem?" and if the Opposition has a problem, there's six days of debate and then a Confidence vote on accepting the Speech. If the vote passes, the Government has the blessings of the majority of Parliament and it's time to rock and roll. If it fails, then it's election time.

The Tories have a majority. This means there is no possible way for them to have lost this vote, barring 14 no-shows or vote-changes in their caucus which, with the way that Stevie H runs his ship would result in 14 people who suddenly become Persona Non Testes where Tories congregate.

This is not, on the face of it, a huge deal. Yeah, it kind of flies in the face of the whole "[the Harper government's] celebrating [Canadadian] heritage...[and] promoting [Canadian] values" they talked about in the Throne Speech, but hey, it's the Tories and Harps. We've come to expect a bit of duplicity and double-talk. It's what makes them so gosh-darned loveable.

Wait. I meant 'loathable.' So gosh-darned loathable.

Alright, fine. So my anger's smouldering at this point, but not the fucking inferno it is destined to be. What's next?

Allow me to sum up the Harper Government's position on the Environment and, thus, the future of our planet: *ahem* "Go fuck yourselves, bitches! Me and my buddies get mad cash right now! WOOO!"

So, the Kyoto Accords, one of the most important - if not THE most important - pieces of Environmental Policy ever enacted on a global level is, to these jackoffs, nothing more than an inconvenience. Of course, to me and my wife and (Nornir willing) any of our kids, plus our friends and their kids and their kids' kids, this is a huge fucking deal. But none of us are wealthy contributors to the Tories and, thus, we can fuck ourselves. Because they got cash, motherfuckers! Woo!

So, that kind of threw some fuel on the fire, if you would. Now my anger's good and raging.

But then there's this.

Fucking this.

Tony Clement. Tony. Fucking. Clement. The guy who sprayed Federal cash into his riding like he was a spawning salmon during the G8. The most smug, concieted, selfish and arrogant son of a bitch I have ever seen in Canadian Politics. The fuckin' guy who said "No no, that $5 Billion hole in the budget is dead easy to fix and NO ONE WILL FEEL ANY PINCH" when Harpie & Co. got defeated last time is now coming out with "Well, user fees are an option to consider to plug that huge fucking hole in our budget. You know, the one I said was no issue? Yeah. That one."

Are you fucking kidding me?

I can only hope, only beg to whatever Æsír-forsaken gods watch over Politicians that this jackass manages to put user fees onto either absolutely everything, including stuff that seniors (statistically the most likely to vote Tory) use OR - even better as far as the anarchic calling of my spirit is concerned - on everyone EXCEPT for seniors, that way we can see exactly a) what the vast majority of the Boomer Generation are truly like when faced with inequality landing squarely on their children and grandchildren and b) because it may fucking cause a riot and a protest and maybe some good old-fashioned Direct-Action Democracy.

So yeah, I'm fucking ANGRY with the country of my birth.

Although the fact that Brigette DePape protested in the middle of the Throne Speech made me very happy. There's hope for us yet.
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A transient Viking
08 June 2011 @ 04:18 am
Several things to let you all know about.

1st) The MA. Things proceed apace for the whole "Finalizing my MA acceptance" thing. I have a place in Iceland. I have all of the forms filled out. I'm just waiting for my visa to arrive so I can get my health insurance from Sjóva (and thus get an Immigration number - no more fuck-ups like last time!), get my background check (which will be done on Friday in all likelihood) and then send my forms to my landlord so he can sign them and send them to the Immigration directorate. Victory!

1st ii) The MA. I'm less of a nervous wreck about the whole thing than I'd thought I'd be but it's still a big undertaking. I'm not sure if I can do my Thesis at the same time I do my second semester stuff, but I'm hoping, because if I can it'll be a 1-year thing and I'll have the full first semester to do stuff like, you know, research.

1st iii) The MA. Lots of books may need to be acquired. Fortunately, I have found* a huge trove of PDF versions of Eddas, Sagas, Þáttr and analyses online. This is a plus.

1st iv) The MA. Folks in the program seem to be generally fairly cool. This should be fun times.

1st v) The MA. I'm still kind of freaking out about this, can you tell?

Second) File under "Probably for the best that I didn't find out about this until now." The International Space University's (did anyone know about this place?) MSc in Space Studies with a Specialization in Human Spaceflight. Had I known about that, I'd have had to find around €50,000 and gone to France to do it. As it stands, if I win the Lottery, this may be an option. Much to the chagrin (no doubt) of Emily, who has been thoroughly awesome over the course of this whole "Hey, guess what? I'm going back to Iceland!" thing.

c) I've been listening to the Modena City Ramblers a lot lately. They're an awesome Italian Celtic band who sing songs that are left-wing, anti-Fascist and anti-Mafia. They are freakin' awesome. Do you disbelieve me? Look below the cut for two of their videos!

Read more...Collapse )

Finalmente) Insofar as gaming goes, I've been playing in a Pathfinder game that's been awesome and filled with existential doom for my poor Dwarven Rogue. It's not his fault that his people fled the northlands and blocked the only path there, leaving the humans to die. I've also gotten myself into arcano_tim's Warrior, Rogue and Mage game, but that's not gonna happen for another couple weeks due to a prior engagement on my part. I've also started playing Firestorm Armada, which is a neat fleet-based starship game. My Terran fleet had a disastrous first outing against a Dindrenzi Fleet, but I've learned my lesson and will keep my Frigates prowling along the flanks, waiting to take down any crippled ships with their torpedoes while my cruisers and battleship smash my enemies with broadsides and turrets. A fun, quick and easy-to-learn game.

So yeah, that's been about it for me. How's it going for you guys?

*It may or may not have been pointed out to me by another student that said trove of PDFs existed
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A transient Viking
27 April 2011 @ 01:22 pm
I know I'm usually more verbose after a long period of no-updating, but I've got to shower and get to work, so I'll be brief.

I just got the following email:

Dear Kenneth,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been admitted to the M.A. programme in Medieval Icelandic Studies at the University of Iceland.

You will receive official notification of this shortly with all the relevant information about registration and student visa applications. For students from outside Europe, we recommend you start the procedures as soon as possible.

Your academic record is very good and you also received very good recommendations. My colleagues and I are quite confident you will be an asset to your program, and that you will profit from it.

Please feel free to write me if you have any questions.
If you have applied for the scholarship from the Icelandic Ministry of Education and Culture, you will be informed in the following days whether you were selected by the committee.

Best wishes,

Torfi H. Tulinius

For those of you still uncertain as to the significance of this, it means I'm going to Iceland, baby!

Also, I applied for their scholarship and, if my academic record being 'very good' is any indication, I might snag that as well. Who knows?

Either way, time for Jim to go.

Cheers, folk!
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A transient Viking
10 April 2011 @ 06:04 pm

I don't know about you folks, but I get profoundly annoyed by Google's auto-complete/auto-suggest function when you search from their frontpage.  To remedy this, I modified a Greasemonkey script by k3co so that the auto-complete/auto-suggest function is disabled and I've uploaded it to userscripts.org.  If you're interested in getting it added onto your computer, the instructions on how to do so are below this cut:Read more...Collapse )

A transient Viking
15 March 2011 @ 01:26 am
Is my new favourite phrase in Icelandic. It means 'your papers have arrived.'

So now I wait for them to tell me 'Yes, Jim, you're awesome, you're in and here's a few million ISK (as in ISlensk Krona, not InterStellar Kredit, fellow capsuleers) just for good measure!'
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